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Secure your Cloud & Save Money 

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Our Mission is to be "Your Single Point of Contact for Information Security".


Our Services

Penetration Testing

  • Web Application Penetration Testing 

  • Network and Infrastructure Penetration Testing

  • Mobile Application Penetration Testing

  • External Penetration Testing

  • Cloud Security Testing

  • PCI DSS Security Testing

  • Wireless Penetration Testing

  • IoT Security Testing

  • Red Team Excercises

Security Compliance

  • Cloud Security Posture Review 

  • Infrastructure Security Review

  • Cyber Security Maturity Assessment

  • ISO 27001 Compliance

  • ICS/SCADA Security Review 

  • PCI DSS Review

  • NIST Framework and Compliance

  • Aviation Cyber Security Review

  • Healthcare Cyber Security Review 

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