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#FreeWeb Security Campaign






Why websites become target of Cyber Attack? What would an attacker gain from attacking small business websites? Questions like these needs to be answered before you become target of a cyber attack. Website act as a medium for business owners to reach there potential clients and customers. 

Why websites become target of Cyber Attack?

Making money is prime goal of an attacker, even a small business website can generate money for an attacker. Attacker make money by distributing malware, phishing, selling data or SEO spam. 

Why running free campaign?

Security Spoc LLC team is filled with security enthusiasts and fell running a free campaign may spread awareness on website security threats such as malware, phishing, data breaches. 

How to be a part of campaign?

You can be a part of campaign by spreading awareness in community. You can tweet by using hashtag (#FreeWeb) and tag us using @securityspoc on twitter.

Ex: #FreeWeb from cyber #security threats. Become part of Website Security Awareness Campaign at @securityspoc  

What is in for you?

Campaign started from 27 March, 2018 and will run for a month. During the campaign our team will randomly select participants for availing free of cost Website Security Package which includes two time website penetration testing and security posture review of web server in an year.

Free of cost Website Security Package for randomly selected participants includes:

  • Website Penetration Testing - 2 Times/Year

  • Security Posture Review - 2 Times/Year


To spread awareness - Anyone

To avail free web security package - Anyone individual or company who owns the website.

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